Stocking the food pantry

La Comida Nos Une ( “Food Unites Us”), is a program that examines the scientific, political, socioeconomic, and social justice aspects of sustainable food systems. The program is designed to attract and support undergraduate students from underrepresented groups in order to prepare them for careers related to the food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences.

Key Components

Interdisciplinary Sustainable Food Systems Minor

The development of an interdisciplinary sustainable food systems minor. This activity will bring all three HSU colleges together to aggregate courses that can be linked to provide students with a holistic food systems perspective, and increased ability to access food systems related careers and graduate programs. The resulting minor will include pathways for completion across disciplines.

Course Enhancement

The enhancement of current course offerings included in the minor to better integrate with each other. For example, instructors of food systems related courses (e.g. Sustainable Agriculture, Human Nutrition, and Food, Nature, Culture) will assess ways to reinforce shared concepts, eliminate redundancies and incorporate novel approaches to food systems hinking. In collaboration with food system partners, a dedicated faculty learning community (FLC) will identify opportunities to increase the inclusion of technical, and decision-making skills within courses to help prepare students for food systems careers.

Interdisciplinary Sustainable Food Systems Course

The creation of a new course. An interdisciplinary sustainable food systems course will connect courses and internships in the sustainable food systems minor. The course will examine historical, ethical and cultural considerations in food and agriculture industries and paths to food system equity; and emphasize critical thinking and writing skills to develop solutions for local and national food system sustainability issues.

Faculty Learning Communities

The creation of a Faculty Learning Community (FLC). This project will engage faculty development through a new interdisciplinary FLC for faculty teaching food systems related courses, with a focus on expanding competence in innovative technologies and instructional delivery. The FLC will enhance existing courses with an emphasis on leadership skills development and culturally inclusive pedagogy. 


The creation of a Sophomore/Transfer Student Cohort: This project will enroll students in shared sets of courses and activities.


Facilitating paid student internships with community food system partners.